Saturday, August 21, 2004

THE REST OF THE STORY. Media Log is on vacation, and will not officially be back until August 30 ... maybe a little earlier, depending on what I want to say about the Republican National Convention.

But I can't resist asking why the Globe couldn't manage to report that state rep Paul Kujawski has been accused of staggering out of his car and taking a leak in front of state troopers after he was pulled over on the Mass Pike on suspicion of drunk driving.

For crying out loud, I heard this particular detail yesterday afternoon. (And no, I didn't get it from listening to Howie Carr.) The Herald's Ann Donlan has it today, writing that Kujawski "got even deeper in trouble after urinating in front of the troopers who stopped him." But the Globe's Elise Castelli, after reporting that Kujawski had been charged with drunk driving, disorderly conduct, and "open and gross lewdness," goes on to write: "The police declined to comment on what transpired after Kujawski's car was pulled over."

Far from doing Kujawski any favors, the Globe makes it sound like he exposed himself to a busload of kindergarten students or something.

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Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! I've drank with Rep. Kujawski. He's a happy drunk. He's not a mean drunk. It's not like he urinated on a State Cop. He's just training to be The next distiguished Senator from Massachusetts.