Thursday, August 19, 2004

KERRY UPDATE. Two good pieces of news today for John Kerry:

1. One of his leading tormenters on the swift-boat matter turns out to have been telling a tale that's completely contradicted by his own Bronze Star citation. The Washington Post FOIA'd the military records of Larry Thurlow and discovered, lo and behold, that the documents say his and Kerry's boats really were under fire on the day that they both won Bronze Stars. Thurlow has loudly claimed that Kerry made that up.

Thurlow splutters to the Post's Michael Dobbs: "It's like a Hollywood presentation here, which wasn't the case. My personal feeling was always that I got the award for coming to the rescue of the boat that was mined. This casts doubt on anybody's awards. It is sickening and disgusting." Thurlow even goes so far as to speculate that he received what he calls a "fraudulent" Bronze Star on the basis of Kerry's so-called lies.

Sorry, Mr. Thurlow. I'd say that Swift Boat Veterans for Truth's 15 minutes is just about at the 14:55 mark right now.

2. The Boston Herald's "Inside Track" reveals a "steamy secret 20-month fling" that Kerry had that left his former paramour "heartbroken" - but she says she's going to vote for him, and she calls Teresa Heinz Kerry "awesome." She's even decided to hold off on publishing a roman à clef about their romance until after the election.

It really doesn't get much better than that, does it? The Kerry campaign ought to send out copies of the "Track" to every undecided voter in the country.

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Anonymous said...

The Herald story, while not bad for Kerry on substance, really bugs me. Doesn't the front page imply a rather different story? Trumpeting gossip as your main front page story is dubious enough, though a tabloid mainstay, but implying this about Kerry is a bit irresponsible for a, ahem, 'balanced' newspaper.

By the way, I find commenting via Blogger excrutiatingly slow...