Friday, September 10, 2004

BECALMED. We're all 10 miles out to sea and the wind has stopped. It seems that we're not going to learn anything new for a while. The next move, I think, is up to CBS.

Within a few days, we're going to know whether this was:

- The story of some intrepid bloggers who figured out what CBS should have but didn't. Guaranteed this will have huge implications for CBS - and for the Kerry campaign as well. Even if the fake documents can't be linked to the campaign, the candidate has been thrown seriously off-stride at a moment when he had to regain the momentum. Another lucky break for Bush. Let's not forget: there is overwhelming evidence that the story of his shirking his National Guard duty is essentially true. But we'll never heard about it again.

- The story of how these same bloggers, armed with tons of information about typewriters and fonts and Microsoft Word but having no idea what led CBS to declare that the documents were genuine, managed to throw the entire political conversation off-track. But even then, we should cut them some slack, given that forgery experts consulted by our top two newspapers seem to agree with them.

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Phil Gallagher said...

What is certain is that Bush accumulated almost over 300 hours worth of flight time. Anyone who is famliar with qualifying for jets knows that this is not a small feat. The Times, Post and Globe would have you believe it took some kind of magic or daddy's influence to get you into the guard. Nothing could be further from the truth. While in aircraft school from 1968 through 1970 I had numerous opportunities to enlist in the guards and refused thinking that I would be enlisting after graduation. This again is an indication of the incompetence of the Kerry campaign. If they think the guard issue is an effective counter to the angry vets against Kerry they have again grossly miscalculated.
Nice up to date coverage on this Dan....