Thursday, September 02, 2004

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. I'm back in Media Log Central, ready for the final night of the RNC. Retired General Tommy Franks was on a little while ago. Very impressive. Why didn't the Republicans put him on instead of loopy Zell Miller?

Miller's on Hannity & Colmes right now, and Sean's trying to rehabilitate him. Too late! Now Alan's having at him. But you see, here's how it works. On CNN last night, at least, Miller was specifically hit with questions about how he could claim that Kerry had voted to cut defense spending when Dick Cheney, as secretary of defense, supported many of those same cuts. Miller didn't have an answer.

Colmes, by contrast, is merely asking Miller how he could trash Kerry last night while praising him just a few years ago. That's easy - all Miller has to say is that he was wrong before, but now he understands the truth about Kerry. This is what I and other critics of Fox mean when we say that Hannity & Colmes is basically like a pre-scripted wrestling match, with Colmes taking the dive every time.

I would like to see Miller and Chris Matthews have that duel. Pistols at 40 paces. Can this be arranged?

George H.W. Bush is on Larry King Live on CNN, sneering at the "elitists" who criticized Miller for being "over the top." According to Poppy, all Miller did was tell the "truth."

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