Friday, September 10, 2004

THE MEDIA LOG TEST. If someone else has already said this, my apology in advance. But here's what someone needs to do. Get hold of the Killian memos that CBS apparently has in its possession. (A copy will do, but the best-quality reproduction available should be used.) Stick a few of the letters under a magnifying glass, or a microscope if necessary. And see whether the edges of the characters have the slightly jagged dot-matrix pattern that would be evidence of even a very good laser or ink-jet printer. If so, that's pretty convincing evidence that the memos were produced many years after 1973 - say, the late '80s at the earliest. But if not, then they very well could have been written on an IBM Executive in 1972 and '73. And a side note: I would imagine the sphincters are tightening not just at CBS, but at the Post and, to a lesser extent, at the Times as well. CBS and the Post have both gone very far out on a limb.


Steve said...

Good idea, but I don't think it would work. If the "original" CBS has was produced on a computer and run through a few generations of photocopying, I don't think the dot-matrix would show up.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone verified the address in the letterhead? That is one funky P.O. Box #.