Thursday, January 20, 2005

DEMOCRACY'S LIMITS. CNN's Jeff Greenfield got two-thirds of the way there in his analysis of Bush's "almost startling" speech. In batting it around with Aaron Brown, Greenfield wondered what Bush intended to do about a country like Pakistan - an ally in the war against terrorism, but a country that doesn't hold elections.

What Greenfield left out was that if Pakistan did hold an election, a pretty good share of the populace would vote for Osama bin Laden.

He could have made the same observation about Saudi Arabia, too. And let's not forget that the mullahs came to power in Iran through popular acclamation, even if they're not too popular today.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the fundamental problem with Bush's free the world campaign is that muslisms are raging lunatics. Osama bin-Laden would probably carry every Arab state and most non-Arab muslim-majority states in free elections. In fact, he would probably get the mahjority of votes among Arab muslisms in America.

Other than that, Bush's plan is fool proof.