Monday, January 10, 2005

MEDIA LOG ON THE AIR. I'll be talking about the CBS report tonight between 8 and 9 on The Paul Sullivan Show, on WBZ Radio (AM 1030). Yes, 'BZ is owned by CBS parent Viacom.

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Anonymous said...

CBS Report -- Col.Mustard in the Kinkos?Darn, I wish I'd seen your WBZ appearance alert in time to listen in.

Can you finally call these "memos" the four forged phonies without feeling you're giving ground to rabid right-wing bloggers? Alas, no one can be wrong all the time. I hope Appendix 4 has convinced both you (Dan) and Corey Pein/CJR that the documents are certainly not actual photocopies of contemporaneous originals, thus are not what is claimed, and so must be called "forgeries". So I don't expect to hear any more "we don't know" equivication; yes, the origin of these purported memos may be unknown still, but we do know it was not Col.Killian's office typewriter. Even if in charity we grant Burkett innoncence-until-proven guilty (to which he is only entitled in criminal process, which this is not, yet), since he might have been duped by a third party, someone faked these. They are at best incompetently forged replica/reproductions, with alas no provenance of the content as yet.

I do not feel my previous comments were particularly vindicated by the Appendix 4, since I knew at a glance that these so-called memos were not from the 1970's, even though I wanted to believe their contents could be true.

The only questions on the documents in question are who (re)typed them, why, who knew, but most crucially, from what if any original. Occams's razor suggests Lt.Col Burkett, in the Kinkos, with the rental PC is the *simplest* origin of the (re)typed "memos", but that's hardly the only possible. Occam doesn't suggest to me whether this was a straight retyping instead of using whiteout or scissors to remove routing marks that would implicate the source of the leak; or redacted to punch it up, or redacted to omit something else; or reconstructed from memory; or concocted from thin air, rumor, and speculation.

- Bill R