Monday, January 10, 2005

THE N-WORD AND THE METRO. I'll be humping on the CBS report for the next couple of days. But I just got word of an astounding, sickening story about Metro International, the parent company of Boston's Metro.

Last week the New York Times Company bought a 49 percent share of the local Metro for $16.5 million. The Times Company-owned Boston Globe will partner with the Metro on content, advertising, and promotion. Boston Herald publisher Pat Purcell announced he will fight the deal on antitrust grounds.

Today Rory O'Connor reports on a pervasive culture of racism and sexism at Metro International so rancid that top executives apparently think nothing of telling foul jokes peppered with the N-word at company get-togethers.

I'm not picking this up from some unvetted corner of the Internet. O'Connor's article is online at, a respected website. I know both O'Connor and his principal source, John Wilpers, who's a former editor of Boston's Metro and who tells O'Connor he was an eyewitness.

O'Connor reports that Times Company spokeswoman Catherine Mathis would not put him through to company chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. or to Globe publisher Richard Gilman. But I have no doubt that both men will be revolted to learn what their new business partners have been up to. They should respond. Immediately. [Update: And so they have. Click here.]


Anonymous said...

"But I have no doubt that both men will be revolted to learn what their new business partners have been up to."

This is boilerplate, right? Because I don't believe they don't know and don't believe they care one wit . . .

Anonymous said...

For Heaven's sakes, Anonymous, of COURSE it is boilerplate, a pretend exercise in offended sensibilities.

The whole point of the exercise is to do just that: pretend. Of course there is no shock or surprise. Blacks tell jokes about dopey whites (can't dance, can't satisfy their women, etc.) and whites to do the same. So what.

But by PRETENDING to be "shocked, SHOCKED!!!" like some modern day Mrs. Grundy, and by forcing the accused institution to make ritual obeisance, Leftie Media prove their power. The sillier and more transparent the outrage is, the more more obvious, more painful and more pathetic the obeisance is.

George Bush's brilliance lies in ignoring them, knowing that they will go away.

Leftie Media were "shocked, SHOCKED" that the US was doing nothing for our brown-skinned brothers after the tsunami. Bush just ignored them and they went away. Leftie Media were "shocked, SHOCKED" about the 4-year-old TexANG documents. Bush ignored them, and they went away.

Unfortunately, the NYT cannot ignore leftist bloggers, since they themselves believe in the obeisance and prostration ritual, along with the obligatory political re-education by sensitivity trainers. So they have to go along with the show. It is interesting watching the Left feed on itself, though.