Thursday, January 20, 2005

STOP MAKING SENSE. Pat Buchanan, bless his tiny little heart, is making sense on MSNBC, and Joe Scarborough's having none of it. Referring to 9/11, Buchanan said, "Why do you think they were over here? Because we were over there!" He could barely spit it out before Scarborough was accusing him of blaming America, comparing him to the late Susan Sontag, and telling the viewers that Buchanan's next column would appear in the New Yorker.

All in good fun, of course!

Andrew Sullivan - who's getting absolutely creamed by Mickey Kaus - was sitting on the other side of the set. Maybe he'll give Buchanan one of his loathsome Susan Sontag Awards tomorrow.

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Transparent Eye said...

Missed you on Beat the Press last night. On McLaughlin, Buchanan called Bush "Woodrow Wilson on amphetatmines" and said he was afraid that Bush would be remembered in history as "a tragic figure." Serious alienation there, though Buchanan has never been a Bush family friend.

Buchanan is a xenophobe, so he intuitively understands that his fellow xenophobes around the world will resist Americans coming into their countries and telling them how to live.