Sunday, April 17, 2005

DOT DOT DOT. Cruise on over to today and take a look at what they've done to Peter Gelzinis. Just in case this changes before you can see it, the tease reads, "Numbskull fan's fiancée is world's biggest ho..." Now, that's language that Howie Carr might use, but I was startled to see it atop a Gelzinis column.

Click and you get the full headline: "Numbskull fan's fiancée is world's biggest homer."

Deliberate or accidental? Given the way some other words are cut off on the home page, I'm willing to believe it was an accident. But not a happy one.


Anonymous said...

Ok, take the Sunday readership of the Herald, carve out those who read it on line, further demise those who use words like "ho". I'm guessing you could piss off more people with an insulting billboard near the Quabbin Reservoir. If you want something to get exercised over, how about having to pay for Cosmo's half a column? (And Howie saying something nice about Billy Bulger wasn't noteworthy?) Beam me up Scotty!

Anonymous said...

As of 10:55 a.m. Monday the headline has been updated, sans the "ho...".


Anonymous said...

Ouch. That smarts, Mr.Anonymous.

But fair enough it is.

Since taking over as editor of the Herald business section, I've tried to still write as often as possible. But the harsh reality is that - while I never thought I could maintain my four (full) columns a week pace - it's all I can do to deliver one weekday piece whenever the right topic comes along, and time allows for the requisite reporting and so forth. I pledge to do more as my schedule allows.

Nonetheless, the admittedly smallish items on the Sunday Herald Cosmo's World page (the OTHER half of which are courtesy of my trusty sidekick Jesse Noyes) remain popular with our readership.

Mr. Anonymous would have you believe that's a scant few souls between here and Belchertown.

I must disagree.

Anonymous said...

If we didn't love you, we wouldn't miss production from you. Operative word was "NEAR" the Quabbin, "between" Boston and there was never used. (Unless you're talking about big towns like Petersham, ask VB!). Don't be gettin' all "Boston Globe" on us!
Mr. Anonymous