Wednesday, April 20, 2005

MY WORLD AND WELCOME TO IT. Media Log reader "F&S" (for "Frank and Sue," judging from the incoming address) writes:

Those "hatemongers" at Article dare they speak out and stand up for decency? Look at all the good the gay groups have done for our state and our country now that they've come out? Because of these various gay groups, we now have state funded "instructors" teaching our kids how to properly perform constructive things such as...oral sex, how to figure out that maybe the reason you can't get a girlfriend is because your gay?, and of course proper fisting techniques 101. Face it Dan...nothing, but nothing good comes out of these groups. Go back in the closet and perform your sick sexual fantasies. It's odd how when a priest touches a child it's big news on every station, but when groups such as NAMBLA want to reduce the age for consensual sex to some ridiculously low age there is no OUTRAGE!

Hey I'm with you Dan...Bay Windows is just another great piece of media that will truly "help" better this country. I mean when we represent everything, and anything goes...I guess we really represent nothing. Hey Dan, why don't we just all walk around naked and marry our pet goats while we're at it then we could have sex with them in the street too! It's all about tolerance right? As a nation we should be able to tolerate that right? c'mon TOLERANCE. You know what's sad about this whole thing Dan? Its that some people like yourself can no longer discern between right/wrong or good/bad and where it will lead us. These same people (like yourself) for the most part are self serving idiots who never grew up nor learned anything about societal responsibility.

We've got problem with teenagers now having sex parties and doing all kinds of messed up things.....geeez, why do you think that is Dan? To much sex being spoon fed down their throats.

Good Job Dan....we need more intellectuals like yourself in the world to straighten us out so we're all more "tolerant"!

A few observations:

- What is it about homophobes and bestiality? It seems that folks like F&S can't get through one of their screeds without mentioning the critters. I actually took a look at this phenomenon a couple of years ago. Click here. (And is the "pet goats" reference some sort of subliminal George W. Bush thing?)

- I got called an intellectual. Woo-hoo!

- F&S does an excellent job of keeping the caps-lock key under control, which is not usually the case in e-mails like this.

- I'm offering a free subscription to Media Log to the first reader who can find one instance in which I've said anything nice about NAMBLA.


Anonymous said...

Soon you'll be dealing with sophomores coming into class with hangovers and the "dog ate my homework." You'll look fondly back on a little harassment from homophobes soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank & Sue:

Your priest friends who rape children and the NAMBLA degenerates are one and the same. Take a break from the Jacko trial, you chuckleheads!

Nelson, Roslindale

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you said it, but I can attest that ONE thing NAMBLA was good doubt the *only* thing...was the South Park episode that shamelessly made fun of NAMBLA was quite hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Damn, these homophobe wackos give the First Amendment a bad name.

If I'm not mistaken (and I could be), NAMBLA was a fraud, an MIT "hack" that some students put together to see how far they could take it - and they took it all the way to national TV, on Morton Downey Jr's show. There was a corner of the "Hacks" exhibit in the MIT museam (I have no idea if its still there) that showed all.

Steve said...

efg -

I think you're conflating a couple of things. There is a real NAMBLA organization but, as a hack, an MIT student went on Morton Downey Jr pretending to be a member.

Anonymous said...

Of course they forget about that teacher in Washington State that seduced her student (and now is marrying him!) or Pam Smart in NH who not only seduced a student but had him kill her husband. So should we outlaw all heterosexual sex? A lot of women die every year from childbirth, another side effect of heterosex, where's the outrage?

Vincentine Vermeille said...

The most degenerate thing anyone with any sense could see in Bay Windows is their epidemic of typos and garbled syntax. I know SRV is trying to raise the level and she's succeeding bit by bit, but she hasn't gotten around to the typos.

As far as BW traumatizing children which I believe is one of Article 8's ostensible beefs (they can't really believe that, can they?), perhaps somewhere there is a child who curls up in a ball at the sight of an article about Jarrett Barrios, but I have never seen her or him in Shaw's.