Thursday, April 07, 2005

SPECIAL NARCISSIST EDITION! The Boston Herald's Greg Gatlin writes about me in today's paper. He includes some amusing quotes from the paper's editorial editor, Ken Chandler, as well as some real news: John Carroll, executive producer and on-air talent of WGBH-TV's Greater Boston, is leaving to teach at Boston University. Carroll and Terence Burke - a Greater Boston producer who's leaving to go to work for state attorney general Tom Reilly - will be missed.

And Ken, be careful what you wish for. My successor in this slot just might have you longing for the good old days.

More Gatlin-generated news: he's got some interesting dirt on plans the Boston Globe is making to hand out free shoppers in the suburbs.

NEW IN THIS WEEK'S PHOENIX. I put my deep theological expertise to work in explaining the phenomenon of Pope John Paul II: loved, admired, and irrelevant.

Also, checking in with Globe science reporter (and former Phoenix news editor) Gareth Cook, who earlier this week won the Pulitzer Prize for explanatory journalism.


Anonymous said...

The Globe tried publishing free shoppers once before. They were called Headliners and were not a great success. Anyone else remember them?

Anonymous said...

That's one for the portfolio file, hard love like that is precious!

Does One Herald Sq have a dictionary? They should check under Irony ...

``I don't think he knows what a tabloid is about,'' Chandler said

Does Chandler realize The Phoenix where "Don't Quote Me" appears is a tabloid not a broadsheet? How many folds, which way is the grain on the press? (Admittedly the Phoenix is an "alternative" "weekly" tabloid not a "downscale tabloid" daily, but unless Chandler intends to admit by "tabloid" he means Page 3 girls and good old Hearst yellow-journalism of the 1890's and not just populist papers you can read on the subway without effete strap-hanger ballet ... )

Which part of down-scale tabloid do they deny? I see regular 25cent sales on the subway -- and it's only got one fold.

Looks downmarket to me, looks tabloid to me. Quack, Quack, it's a duck.

This morning National /L/i/b/e/r/a/l/ Public Radio had an interview with the new ?Editor/Publisher? of the National Inquirer, who says he's trying to clean it up. If the Inquirer takes over for the NY Daily News as the national lite daily, maybe the Herald can move into the supermarkets?

Bill R

Anonymous said...

African Popes

You say in the column of Cardinal Arinze touted as possibly the first African pope

That should have said first modern African pope. There were apparently several early-church north-african (mediteranean) popes, second through fifth century. [google]

Bill R

Anonymous said...

I took a class with Carroll at Brandeis about ten years ago- he was a great teacher, and will do great at BU

Mickey said...

Dan, I just read that you're leaving the phoenix! I just wanted to thank you for doing the media log for the last couple years, and i hope you will consider continuing on with it in some way. We need to keep this kind of voice alive!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of shoppers...
While Pat Purcell is downsizing at the Herald, his CNC operation is converting their Plymouth/Carver Pennysavers into an actual newspaper.
Not that I know a thing about the newspaper business, but it's interesting that while he cuts in one place, he's increasing spending (I assume) someplace else.