Thursday, September 02, 2004

FIRST IMPRESSIONS. It was a very good speech, well-delivered, eloquent and even soaring at times. He got choked up near the end, and got through the gay-bashing bit as quickly and cryptically as possible. I didn't agree with much of it, but I didn't expect to. But never underestimate Bush's ability to connect with an audience. He's no Reagan or Clinton, but it doesn't matter. What does matter is that he's no Kerry, who unfortunately remains a stiff and aloof figure.

The cynicism of ending on an upbeat, postive note after the sleazy attacks of the last month is revolting.

Anyway ... that's it for tonight. More tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you'll get a different impression, but Kerry looked a little fatigued in his rebuttal speech. Or rather, at times he looked flat out fatigued, but then he would get a burst of energy to get through the next talking point.

What was that thing Bush said in Spanish? Leave no child on the other side of the border?

Anonymous said...

Bushie wants to put health care centers around the country for the poor. What are we, a third-world country? Why can't they have the same access to doctors as the rest of us? Can you imagine the quality of doctors these places will attract?

Anonymous said...

I feel asleep in the middle of the speech but what I didn't hear, I didn't think was that impressive.