Saturday, March 22, 2003

Gitell on the Turks and the Kurds. The Phoenix's Seth Gitell writes to Media Log:

I think the focus the left has placed at merely protesting the war has robbed the country of an important moral voice right now. Turkey has currently placed at least 1000 troops into Northern Iraq. Pentagon spokesmen from Myers to Franks have minimized the danger posed by the Turkish Army in this region and have expressed little interest in the issue. But the Turks directly imperil the people who have been most victimized by Saddam, the Kurds of the North.

Because so much of the antiwar sentiment has done everything to ignore Saddam's humanitarian depravities in the North, you don't see any moral voices making the case on behalf of the Kurds in any of the antiwar protests on the street. To me, allowing the Kurds, who have managed to govern themselves for the last 12 years, to fall under the occupation of the Turks -- especially with the help they have given us in the effort against Saddam -- would be an unbelievable outrage.

That's something people should be protesting about. Unlike the question of war versus peace, it's probably a question that protesters could have some impact on.

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