Friday, March 21, 2003

The wrong way to do the right thing. The dilemma that many liberals -- including Media Log -- find ourselves in is that we oppose George W. Bush's arrogant, unilateralist approach, fear the long-term consequences of his pre-emptive war, and yet understand how vital it is that the horrors and depredations of Saddam's regime at long last be brought to an end.

Boston Globe columnist Scot Lehigh, a moderate liberal, gets at that this morning:

But criticizing the diplomatic process that has led us to war is quite different from questioning the ultimate moral righteousness of this war. For all the predictable animadversions directed America's way, for all the accusations of unilateralism, of illegality, this is not an unjust war. Regardless of how one feels about this administration, there can be little dispute on this point: The end of Saddam's dictatorship will be an immense blessing to the average Iraqi.

And in a piece for the Weekly Standard's website, Jonathan Last -- a prowar conservative -- praises the media for "the fact that most Iraqis are eager to have Saddam Hussein removed is finally seeping into the mainstream."

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