Thursday, March 20, 2003

Treason alert! Sean Hannity's got something to talk about tonight, provided he can find an intern to read him Michael Kinsley's latest for Slate. Kinsley dares to question the vast power that George W. Bush has arrogated unto himself in waging war against Iraq. Our commander-in-chief! (Don't cry, Sean; your make-up will run.)

Kinsley's piece has the additional virtue of being true, as geriatric war criminal Henry Kissinger used to say. Thus Kinsley has given us what we are unlikely to see on network television until, say, six months into the occupation: a good old-fashioned righteous attack on our only president in a time of war. Good for Kinsley.

Here's the wind-up:

Bush is asserting the right of the United States to attack any country that may be a threat to it in five years. And the right of the United States to evaluate that risk and respond in its sole discretion. And the right of the president to make that decision on behalf of the United States in his sole discretion. In short, the president can start a war against anyone at any time, and no one has the right to stop him. And presumably other nations and future presidents have that same right. All formal constraints on war-making are officially defunct....

In terms of the power he now claims, without significant challenge, George W. Bush is now the closest thing in a long time to dictator of the world.

The Supreme Court must be very proud indeed.

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