Thursday, March 20, 2003

Troops on the move. Media Log is stuck with dial-up at the moment, as our DSL connection has unexpectedly gone on the fritz. We have no information at this time to suggest that Iraqi operatives may be responsible for this tragic return to the 56K Internet speed of the late '90s.

Just finished watching World News Tonight on ABC. What's going on right now is fascinating, if ultimately impossible to sort out until later. It appears that American and British troops are now pouring into Iraq and heading to Bagdhad without the two-day, massive "shock and awe" bombardment that we've all been hearing about these past few weeks.

Was "shock and awe" disinformation? Did military plans change? General George Joulwan, one of those retired military types who's advising ABC News, told anchor Peter Jennings that it appears last night's raid on Bagdhad -- reportedly aimed at killing Saddam Hussein -- has forced a change.

Because of the raid, Iraq retaliated today, shooting missiles ineffectively at the troops in Kuwait. And because of the missile attacks, the commanders decided to start moving rather than let the troops be sitting ducks. At least that's Joulwan's theory.

The consequence, of course, could be that the US and Britain will take Bagdhad without wreaking the massive destruction that so many had feared. A much better outcome -- and possibly by accident.

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