Monday, March 31, 2003

Prowar radio. I've been slow off the mark in whacking radio megagiant Clear Channel for sponsoring prowar rallies around the country. Today's New York Times has a detailed story, although it's more measured than the company's critics might like. Essentially the Times portrays executives of the 1200-station chain as clumsy rustics who don't understand how much power they wield.

(In Greater Boston, Clear Channel owns two ratings monsters, WJMN/94.5 FM, and WXKS/107.9 FM, as well as two insignificant AM stations.)

And it's not as though Clear Channel is the only radio chain pushing war. WAAF Radio (107.3 FM), in Worcester, organized a support-the-troops rally this past weekend, according to this story in the Boston Globe. WAAF is owned by Entercom, which also owns four other stations in the Greater Boston market.

And check out this page on the WAAF website about jock Greg Hill's refusal to play music by the antiwar band Mudvayne.

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