Monday, May 05, 2003

Bennett's boring vice. Media Log is unable to get excited about the news that blowhard moralist William Bennett is a high-stakes gambler. This is even less interesting than Bennett's 1980s incarnation, when the then-drug czar turned out to be a chain-smoker.

The double hit comes from Newsweek and the Washington Monthly.

Still, as Michael Kinsley argues in Slate today, anything that suggests Bennett is a hypocrite is better than nothing -- although Kinsley admits, "Let's also be honest that gambling would not be our first-choice vice if we were designing this fantasy-come-true from scratch."

I have to admit that when Josh Marshall posted this item on Friday morning, Bennett's was the first name that popped into my head -- and that, like Kinsley, I was hoping for something oh so much kinkier.

But this story is going to fade fast. As for Bennett himself fading, not likely. He'll be back on Hannity & Colmes, oozing unctuously, before you can say "blackjack."

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