Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Toeing the tax line. Do not stop presses, but this is pretty amusing nevertheless. Toe-sucking political consultant turned conservative commentator Dick Morris has been identified as one of Connecticut's most notorious tax deadbeats, according to this story by the Associated Press.

Here's the actual list.

Morris, the architect of Bill Clinton's post-1994 "triangulation" strategy, pops up on Fox News these days, often on Hannity & Colmes, no doubt to make Sean look good. Next time will Hannity lambaste Morris for immorality or praise him for striking an anti-tax stand?

Of course, with Morris there's always a third way. In this case, he denies the allegations.

Here's Morris's latest column in the Hill, in which he handicaps the Democratic presidential candidates. His lead: "The very first thing to understand about the 2004 Democratic primaries is that they do not exist." Well that ought to save everyone a lot of time.

His early favorite in the non-primaries is Joe Lieberman -- "[b]ut only if he gets off his butt and raises some money." Hey, Dick: get off your butt and pay your taxes.

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