Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Ryan apologizes. According to the New York Post, Boston Globe sports columnist Bob Ryan has apologized for his bizarre and offensive remark that he'd like to "smack" Joumana Kidd, wife of New Jersey Nets star Jason Kidd (via Romenesko). The Post also reports that the Globe will issue some sort of a statement.

I would imagine that this will be the end of it -- although it wouldn't surprise me if the Globe cracks down on its moonlighting scribes, who are paid to be outrageous when they're on the air.

A couple of years back, the Globe banned its sportswriters from appearing on The Big Show, on WEEI Radio (AM 850). 'EEI retaliated by banning Globies from all of its shows. Perhaps something more sweeping is now in the offing.

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