Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Cellucci on reefer madness. Speaking of Republican governors, Al Giordano, publisher of the Narco News Bulletin, passes along a hilarious story about former governor Paul Cellucci that appeared on Saturday in Nova Scotia's Halifax Herald.

I couldn't come up with a link to the full story, but you can find a synopsis here. (Scroll to the bottom.)

The gist is that Cellucci -- now the ambassador to Canada -- is warning Canadian officials that if they decriminalize marijuana, as they seem to have every intention of doing, it could slow down border crossings to a crawl.

"I think it comes down to perception," Cellucci was quoted as saying. "If the perception is it might be more easy to get marijuana here, then that could lead to some pressure on the border because US Customs immigration officers ... would have their antennae up."

No word on whether the Bush administration will consider regime change if the Canadians are so foolish as to defy Cellucci.

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