Friday, May 30, 2003

WBUR needs to let in Fresh Air. According to this story on (via Romenesko), WBUR Radio (90.9 FM) spokeswoman Mary Stohn says the station will bring back Fresh Air "very soon."

Fine. How about this Monday?

Look, I don't get to listen to Fresh Air much these days, mainly because even when 'BUR was running it, it was on at 1 p.m. -- not exactly prime listening time.

But it's one of the best shows on NPR, and host Terry Gross is just about the best interviewer in the business. I can still remember her classic interview some years back with Nancy Reagan, who nearly walked out on her. And how about Gene Simmons of KISS, neatly emasculated by Gross about 10 minutes into his moronic sex-god shtick?

Maybe WBUR could justify taking the show off the air during the war in Iraq. But even though it remains an important story, it's no longer the sort of white-hot breaking event that must be followed every minute of the day. Few people are going to mind a little less BBC now.

So bring back Terry Gross!

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