Wednesday, May 07, 2003

The return of Salam Pax. The legendary Iraqi blogger appears to be alive and well, grateful that Saddam is gone but horrified by the realities of war (via InstaPundit). He's also got this great media note:

I have seen John f. Burns of the New York Times naked. I knew this war had to be good for something.

Well kind of naked, he had a stripy towel wrapped around him, but G. who got me there in the first place couldn't control his giggles because he kept saying that the whole setup is like a trashy 70's porn.

Actually Burns was very nice, really. He did act like God, but we sat for about an hour there and we talked about everything from the work of reconstructing Iraq to architecture in Beirut.

Of course, if Pax really did meet Burns, then Burns can finally answer the question of whether Pax really exists.

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