Tuesday, May 06, 2003

They must be part French. It's getting to the point where Media Log should consider awarding a Wacky, Disingenuous Quote of the Day to the Romney administration. Today's prize goes to Romney spokesperson Shawn Feddeman.

Raphael Lewis reports in today's Boston Globe that Democratic legislators have lined up more than enough votes to change the name of the I-93 underpass from the generic Liberty Tunnel -- Romney's choice -- and instead name it after the late Tip O'Neill.

So what does Feddeman say? Get this:

The war in Iraq has only been over for a week and already people are forgetting the sacrifices being made by our servicemen and women. Governor Romney believes it is fitting to name our newest tunnel the Liberty Tunnel, in recognition of those individuals who have fought so courageously throughout our Commonwealth's history to protect our freedom.

You see, the Democrats aren't just honoring O'Neill, they're ... dishonoring our troops. Please.

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